Yupup Case Study

Migration from WordPress to Highly Scalable, Adaptable, and Performant Platform.

Yupup Case Study

Migration from WordPress to Highly Scalable, Adaptable, and Performant Platform.

Achievements and Business Impact


We were tasked to transform YupUp (Auto care and fun deals) to a highly scalable infrastructure, overcoming WordPress limitations with ReactJS, NextJS, React Native, and NestJS, boosted by AWS, ensuring robust platform performance and security.


Yupup embarked on an ambitious mission to redefine autocare discounts and coupons, facing limitations with their previous WordPress setup. Scalability issues hindered growth potential, impacting user experience and adaptability.

Issues with WordPress and Challenges Faced

Scalability Constraints

Limited ability to handle increasing user traffic, hindering expansion opportunities.

Performance and Adaptability

Slower loading times and inadequate customization options impacting user satisfaction and innovation potential.

AWS Technologies

Strategic Transition and Technical Advancements

1. Enhanced Infrastructure for Scalability

  • Upgraded infrastructure to AWS ECS, utilizing EC2 r5.large servers capable of handling 200-300 requests per second, ensuring scalability with zero downtime and customizable configurations based on user demands.¬†
  • Implemented AWS Global Accelerator for improved global application availability and fault tolerance.

2. Addressing WordPress Limitations

  • Migrated from WordPress to a tailored solution employing ReactJS, NextJS, NestJS, and MongoDB, ensuring a highly scalable, adaptable, and performant platform.
  • Utilized AWS ELB (Elastic Load Balancer) for distributing incoming

3. AWS Networking and Security

  • Configured a secure VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) environment for isolating network resources.
  • Deployed NAT Gateways within the VPC for outbound internet traffic from private subnets.

4. User Authentication and Security

  • Implemented AWS Cognito User Pool for secure and scalable user authentication.
  • ¬†Leveraged AWS Certificate Manager for managing SSL/TLS certificates, ensuring secure data transmission.

Tech Stacks

Current Focus and Future Goals

Yupup continues refining features, leveraging AWS infrastructure advantages, and prioritizing user-centric enhancements. The goal is to deliver a fully operational web app by 2024 1st Quarter.